If I were a film, it would probably be a road movie in which two guys are crossing the world, visiting random places and looking for the answers to questions about the meaning of life. One of them is a quiet and thoughtful introvert, the other has madness in his eyes and is bursting with energy. Then they switch…

I’ve been a musician for several years now, the rest is more or less right. I play the double bass and the bass guitar and I’m trying to find all that is the most interesting in various music genres, working together with a number of bands. I also have my original project, in which I perform my own compositions, thereby venting the feelings hiding in my soul – thanks to that, these two guys from my „film” are still getting on somehow 😉

A bunch of facts for the interested:

I was born in Kraków and there I graduated from The Academy of Music majoring in jazz double bass. Apart from my own band, I regularly play concerts with: Kraków Street Band, with which I have recorded three albums (in 2014, 2015 and 2018); Quindependence, the repertoire a large part of which consists of my compositions (the album „Circumstances”, 2017); and other artists, such as Michał Salamon, Companions, Susanna Jara, Hot Tamales or The Magic Juice. My body of work also includes albums recorded with the band Daddy’s Cash („That’s What The Blues Is All About” with John Lee Hooker Jr., 2012, and „Body Blues”, 2013) and the band Companions („Ain’t So Bad”, 2017).

Together with the mentioned bands I have performed at a great number of festivals, the most important of which are:

  • Nisville Jazz Festival (Serbia)
  • Sziget Fesztival (Hungary)
  • Haizetara (Spain)
  • European Blues Challenge (Norway)
  • Eutin Bluesfest (Germany)
  • Gronau Jazz Festival (Germany)
  • Veszprémi Utcazene (Hungary)
  • Ferrara Buskers Festival (Italy)
  • Dixie und Swingfestival Furstenfeld (Austria)
  • A performance being a part of a cycle called Polska Jazz! at Budapest Music Center (Hungary)
  • Uldum Street Music Festival (Denmark)
  • Sarnico Busker Festival (Italy)
  • Jazz Juniors Festiwal (Kraków)
  • Green Festival (Olsztyn)
  • Jesień z Bluesem (Białystok)
  • Warsaw Summer Jazz Days (Warszawa)
  • Jazz Nad Odrą (Wrocław)
  • Bluesroads (Kraków)
  • Festiwal Filmowy Dwa Brzegi (Kazimierz Dolny)
  • Blues Nad Bobrem (Bolesławiec)
  • Harmonica Bridge (Toruń)
  • Krokus Jazz Festiwal (Jelenia Góra)
  • Jimiway Blues Festiwal (Ostrów Wielkopolski)
  • Suwałki Blues Festiwal (Suwałki)
  • Biografie Gdańskie (Gdańsk)
  • transVocale (Słubice)
  • Międzynarodowy Festiwal Pianistów Jazzowych (Kalisz)
  • Rawa Blues (Katowice)
  • Magic Malbork
  • Tak Brzmi Miasto (Kraków)
  • Piknik Country (Mrągowo)
  • Lubuskie Lato Filmowe (Łagów)

Please, feel free to listen to my music and creative expressions in other bands.

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