Most of my musical output is based on cooperating with various artists and bands. Whenever I have such a possibility, I actively partake in working on the musical material, thanks to which there’s a great satisfaction after the given concerts and the recorded albums. The experience gained in these projects is bringing profit for years, and the nice moments spent with the musicians stay in my memory for a long time 🙂

Below I present a selection of recordings I took part in, with the bands I have collaborated with.

Kraków Street Band - Photograph

A single from the most recent album by Kraków Street Band – the band I have continuously played with since 2013.

Susanna Jara - Posij, że sia posij

My favourite song in Susanna Jara’s repertoire – here in a formation called Quadro Susanna.

Mówi - Turtle Soup

My first almost own band, performing live music to silent movies.

Quindependence - Road To The Promised Land

A fragment of the Quindependence concert from the festival Nisville in Serbia.

Companions - Girls

A single from the album „ain’t so bad” (2017) by the band Companions (earlier: Amusing Companions).

Lord Bemol - Baranek

A recording from the concert in Teatr Łaźnia Nowa in Kraków (5.02.2016). Music: Zuzanna Skolias, Antonis Skolias.

The Magic Juice - Blinded By The Lights

A single promoting the EP „Disco Balls” (2018) by The Magic Juice.

Daddy's Cash - Mama Said

One of the singles promoting the second album by Daddy’s Cash – „Body Blues” (2013).

Marcin Młynarczyk - Hajfa

A fragment of the music from the film „I tak wszystko widziałam” by Michał Tkaczyński (2016).

Kraków Street Band - Fluke

A music video documenting fragments of the Kraków Street Band’s summer tour (2018), promoting the album „Going Away”.

Susanna Jara - Shkovranochok

A hymn from the upcoming Susanna’s album – „W sześciu kolorach”, performed in the Lemko language. Lyrics and music: Petro Murianka

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